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We're interested to hear your feedback on this tour. Please let us know if there was anything you would like to see in more depth, or if you felt anything important was omitted. Contact us by e-mail.

Title page The collage of images was created by Tim Martin from pictures taken by Peter Schweitzer.

2. John Rose, with pianist Thomas Richner, performed Marcel Dupré's Variations on Two Themes on the recording I used for this ballet. John is an artist with the Phillip Truckenbrod Concert Artists agency. John's page on their site is here.

5. The Dance in Education Fund can be reached via the Steffi Nossen School of Dance: Tel. 914-761-7774. Fax 914-761-1752.

8a. The swords you see here were featured in the Museum Replicas catalog. I purchased some swords from them and some from the Atlanta Cutlery.

9. The website for Maggio Danza is located here. The Teatro Comunale, the theater where they are based, has a Web site here.

11. Trinity College Web site.

15. The maces for the rooks mentioned on page 15 were made of foam rubber. I bought a block of foam and went to work with a pair of scissors: I cut a sphere for the body of the mace and a number of elongated cone shapes to serve as the spikes.

At a local hardware store I found a glue suited for working with foam rubber and attached the spikes to the sphere. I cut a hole into the sphere and inserted the end of a dowel that would serve as the handle.

I suspended the whole thing from a screw in the end of the handle and spray painted it black. The foam took several coats as it partially absorbed the first coat.

The final touch was to dust the tips of the spikes with silver spray paint. From four feet away it was very convincing. Best of all, it was completely safe: you could actually walk around bopping people with it.

17. This photo of a fencing match was taken by Keryn Grohs for the Trinity Tripod. The man making the attack was our team captain Don Defabio, a superb sabre fencer. He was amazingly quick. Probably still is.

19. If you're in need of a good lighting designer, you can contact Susannah Hewson via our e-mail link.

20. More information about Poser, the software I used to create the figures, can be found at curiouslabs.com. For Photoshop information, go to Adobe's site.

28 through 67. In "Act III" the performers are as follows:

Black Red
King David Lawrence Tim Martin
Queen Wendy Fish Tamara Pedone Jones
Bishop Matthew Napoli * Vincent McCloskey *
Knight Michael Holdsworth Steven Suty
Rook Jeff Dorman * Corey Rishworth
Pawns Amanda Phillips-Bosshart
Allison Doolittle
Ara Cashman
Lauren Moore
Amanda Roman
Keisa Coleman

* Dancer appeared courtesy of the Joffrey Ballet School.

This work was made possible in part by a generous grant of studio space from the Joffrey Ballet School and from The Ethel Walker School.

Photographs of rehearsal were provided by Elizabeth Benjes.

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